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Prueba ADN mitocondrial

The female lineage test-X SV will confirm if it shares the same maternal line.
We guarantee results with 100% accuracy.

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Prueba ADN mitocondrial

Price:  $ 737
Analysis: two participants who want to know if they share maternal lineage
Delivery time: 14 to 16 working days from receipt of the DNA samples to our laboratories.

Mitochondrial DNA Testing

Do you share a common maternal ancestor? Maybe they have the same mother, grandmother or great-grandmother? If you want to get the answer to all these questions, the female lineage test X SV could be your ideal test. This test can be done between men and women and can provide conclusively and with complete scientific certainty whether or not they share the same maternal lineage.

Scientific Explanation of the X-SV Test

An X-SV test (abbreviation for X chromosome) is a test that is based on mitochondrial DNA analysis of maternal inheritance. Males and females inherit their mtDNA from their mother and females always transmit their mtDNA to their children. This test is extremely accurate because mitochondrial DNA mutates very rarely.

We can be sure that if two people have the same mtDNA profile, it means that they are related by a family member by the family’s mother. Our test consists of a comparison of 10 profiles of genetic markers.

The X-SV test can be requested if you want to know if they have the same mother, at International Biosciences we suggest that you request this test when the mother’s samples are not available and you want to request a maternity test.

The mitochondrial DNA test is very accurate and will confirm if you share the same maternal line among the people examined, but it will not really confirm whether the people tested have the same mother, grandmother or any other relative (female) in common. It will depend on the people who undergo the test to draw their own conclusions about their ancestors. A maternity test will tell you whether the mother being tested is the biological mother or not. Find out more about the  maternity test.

Taking DNA Samples

International Biosciences has many years of experience in the field of DNA testing and we understand that our clients want a DNA testing procedure that is simple, fast and effective. That is why we put at your disposal our own home DNA collection kit. Our kit contains everything you need to collect your own samples, in a few easy steps and very easy to do the sampling itself, the procedure is totally painless. You should only rub sterile buccal swabs inside the mouth for ten seconds. Instructions, forms and return envelopes are also included in the kit.

Keep in mind that we can only guarantee the delivery of the results in the specified time when the samples we receive are standard samples of saliva by oral swabs.

Frequent questions

What is the difference between the maternity test and the mitochondrial DNA test?

The maternity test will only inform if the woman is the mother or not of the child, this test is based on the comparison of the samples of the mother with those of the son or daughter.
The mitochondrial DNA test only informs whether the test subjects are biologically united on the maternal side.

Can I know my ancestors with the mtDNA test?

An X-SV test will tell you if you share a maternal line with another person. This is a test in which the mtDNA of two or more alleged relatives is compared to see if they actually share a biological relationship. Mitochondrial DNA is ideal for maternal lineage tracking and in fact even offers a maternal lineage ancestry test. Our proof of ancestry of maternal lineage will help you to deepen your ancient ancestry and discover your maternal lineage, even many thousands of years ago. Find out more about our test of ancestry of maternal lineage ..

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